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An area or a paint booth?

Jul 01, 2022

When a workshop decides on a painting area, it must take into account that the work areas must be well defined and identified, separated from the sanding area that generates clouds of dust that are a source of contamination for subsequent processes. We can produce spray booth design to suit your workshop situation.

The painting area must incorporate at least one suction turbine to clean the air of impurities from the overspray and that can be harmful to health, taking into account that current varnishes are of plastic origin such as polyurethane. Our standard full downdraft car paint booth can completely satisfy these requirements.

The world changes, and Guangli spray booth China changes with the world. But we do it preserving what has always distinguished us: personalized treatment, technical advice and the best solutions for both Industry and the Automotive market.

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ارسال پیام
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